Thursday, August 4, 2011

On my way to Siem Reap tomorrow

Yay for mini weekend vacations! Maybe I'll actually blog about this trip when I get back... Unlike the last time when I went to Kep and said I'll blog but didn't. I know, I'm awful at this thing.

This was outside the office today.

A Phnom Penh sunset. That sounds like it should be a drink. In fact, I'll make one up right now:

Muddle a whole bunch of mint leaves with sugar
two parts Cachaca rum
two parts passion fruit juice
splash of cointreau and simple syrup
Shake well
Serve in a collins glass with ice and eat it with fish amok!

(Seriously, if anyone makes this, let me know how it tastes.)


Kasperka said...

sounds doable and sort of tasty. Next time I find myself within a vicinity of these ingredients I will make it and let you know how it tastes.

denesteak said...

i think it might be a bit too sweet! Cointreau, simple syrup AND sugar?? Sheesh, what was I thinking?