Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Super Special Nostalgia Train

My friend Marissa informed me yesterday that she managed to catch a Special train this past weekend! At first, when she showed me the photos that she took with her crackberry, I thought that it was just the combined effect of a very dirty subway car and some vandals who got a hold of white paint. But Marissa told me that the entire train was just so retro-looking, and everyone in the car was just taking photos with their cell phones.

Anyway, I hoped that these Special trains weren't just running on Thanksgiving weekend because I really want to sit in it. So I looked it up on the MTA website, and these trains are called the Nostalgia Trains! According to the MTA, they will be running in place of the V line every Sunday from November 30 to December 28 between 10 am and 4 pm.

Below are a couple more pictures thanks to Marissa.

This just looks so cool. I really hope I will be able to catch it one Sunday before it stops running.

Subway seats back then had cushions? Why did they stop doing that and replaced it with that hard, shiny plastic surface which causes me to slide around involuntarily when the train lurches forward, resulting in awkward encounters of hip-bumping/touching with the stranger seated next to me?

It looks so spacious! I wonder if the MTA does this every year, and I just never noticed it for the past three years that I've remained in New York for Thanksgiving. Either way, it's nice that they are making an effort to spread some holiday cheer, what with the current credit crisis and all. I love subways and public transportation in general, so this just makes me so happy!

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thats really cool !!