Monday, November 5, 2012

buildings in the sunrise

I love this video, absolutely love everything about it. I love that it has the streets of lower Manhattan and bars of Brooklyn. I love that the frontman and his bandmates remind me of the Boys I know in New York (even if they would hate me for making this comparison) and I love that they are eating gyros at a street cart. I love the soaring anthemic Carry Onnnn as they slide across the marble floors of Grand Central, and I love the piano in the bar, and I love the fist-pumping to the chorus. I love the view of buildings (Water Street?) as dawn arrives.

Maybe it's because I've been feeling impossibly heartsick for New York, and the repetitive chorus probably punched a little harder with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I don't know, don't care – I just love this song and I love this video.

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