Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends in The City!

I am so incredibly lucky! My two best friends from high school decided to pick this semester to visit me. The above appears to be the only picture that I could find off Facebook of the three of us together (I think it says something about our generation that we don't look to our photo albums, or even or online photo albums, to find our pictures now; we turn, instead, to Facebook.) What you can't see in this picture, which was taken at prom, is that I was sea sick for the majority of prom and therefore moody.

Katie came to the city last week for her spring break and it was just so nice seeing her and bringing her to the places that I love. I took her and her friend, Taylor, to Grey Dog Cafe, and she had my favorite sandwich that comes with brie, granny-smith apple, turkey, and raspberry mustard (which is key to the sandwich.) I also took her to Cafe Orlin, which is this delightful restaurant in the East Village that has such a homey feeling, and exposed brick interior. And of course, the food is really good- if anyone makes it there, I recommend the salmon, or the cuban sandwich.

Having Katie here also encouraged me to go to some new places that I wouldn't normally go. We drank up a storm (bartender gave us pretty girls free drinks, as you can see from that picture there) at Off The Wagon, a frat-a-licious establishment that I've only been once before and had judged it quite unfairly since my second experience there with Katie was a lot of fun.

Next month, my best friend Cynthia is coming to visit! She would only be in town for three days, but it would be right before my graduation which means I would not have any homework to deal with while she's here. I am so excited, and I have already started making a list of places that I have to take her. She is no stranger to New York though. The last time she visited was during my freshman year, and one of the places I took her was to a salsa bar in Brooklyn (that place has since closed down.) The night ended in a diner, in which she later informed me that she puked in the bathroom- hardly her fault, I say, since the bartender at the salsa bar was sneaking her drinks when no one was looking.

I can't wait for Cynthia to come!


blakspring said...

girl, you just made me hungry. love the prom photo - you guys are so cute. and the guy on your left in the other photo cracks me up.

Denesteak said...

Actually when I was putting up the post, I remember thinking to myself, I have to mention the guy- but I forgot. Yea, March Madness was on, so every single guy in that bar was fighting to get prime seats at the bar, but we got it. for drinking. haha- they weren't pleased.

Cyn said...

hahahaha omg i love you nad i loved NY and i hardcore puked it was fun though well worth both trips