Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

My resolution for 2013 is to read more non-fiction books. I'm really bad about completing non-fiction books, whereas it would kind of pain me not to finish a novel. I guess I just need to read better written non-fiction – which I sometimes stupidly refer to as real-life books – since I usually get bored with it.

Cannonball Read 5 will also help me with this. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated -- I do tend to prefer books written by journalists (they tend to be better written than the average real-life book) but I'm thinking I should branch out a little more to historical non-fiction. Add a little knowledge to my brain, is the idea.

Though I didn't participate in CBR4 last year (2012 is now officially considered last year, yo) I was paying attention to some of what the Pajibans were reading, and sometimes took up recommendations. And I definitely read a fair amount this year – but all fiction, of course.

Off the top of my head, some that I enjoyed were The Night Circus, Ghostwritten, The Sense of An Ending, Game of Thrones and Ms. Hempel Chronicles. Ghostwritten by David Mitchell was the last book I read this year, so I'm going to have a review up for CBR5 soon.

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