Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cool Bike Racks for New York

Last Friday, New York City's Department of Transportation announced the results of the CityRacks Design Competition. First place is a silver frame that is in a shape of an O. Like for Obama! What a happy coincidence!

Kinda curious looking right? I don't think people will be able to chain more than two bikes onto it, so it doesn't seem to be particularly space-efficient. Also, doesn't it look like it could be easily yanked off the ground?

The second place winner is this yellow snake-like rack, and I think this is my favorite. The color makes me so happy, and the shape is just so interesting to look at.

And third place is another O-shaped frame, but it's a cheery kerry green this time. Perfect for pedestrians to rest their tired feet, I suppose.

Honestly, my least favorite bike rack was the winner because it looked so bland compared to the other two.

What was wrong with the bike racks we had? The ones that are like mountain and valleys, with the sturdy black frame going up and down, up and down? I liked those, and you can put more than two bikes on them. Maybe if the DOT just added more of those around the city and painted them in fun colors, they would be just as eye-catching as these CityRack winners.

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